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Admission Process

New Student Process

Thank You for your interest in Juniata Christian School. Everything you need to start the admissions process is available to you on this page.

Submit Application

If you are interested in enrollment at Juniata Christian School, we ask that you submit an interest application as your first step.

Schedule a Tour

After you submit your application, the next step is to provide your availability for a school tour. This is a time you can see our beautiful campus and meet some of our school faculty.


In an effort to ensure clarity and unity, the parents or guardians of newly applying students will be interviewed by the administrator. Additionally, all newly applying students that are expecting to enroll in grades 7 through 12 will be required to complete an interview with the administrator.

Academic Testing

Newly applying students must take an academic placement test:

  • K4 and K5 students will take the Bracken readiness test.

  • Students applying for first grade through ninth grade will take the Stanford achievement test.

  • Students applying as sophomores, juniors, or seniors will need to submit their transcripts and a determination of grade level placement will be made based on courses completed and academic achievement.

Information related to necessary scores or academic requirements will be addressed during the parent interview with the administrator


At the conclusion of the admissions process, you will be advised if your child has been admitted into Juniata Christian School. Once admitted, you will be provided first time enrollment paperwork and document requirements. This will include information pertaining to your book order.

Re-Enrollment  Process

If you are a returning student, please expect the following process for re-enrollment.

Enrollment Form

Please click on the attached link to begin the re-enrollment process. This link is for returning families only.

Tuition Payment Agreement

Please click on the attached link to sign the Tuition Payment agreement form. This document must be signed and submitted before re-enrollment is accepted.

Parent Agreement

Please click on the attached link to sign the parent/guardian agreement from. This form must be signed and competed before re-enrollment is accepted.

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