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Invest in the Next Generation

At Juniata Christian School we are deeply committed to providing an exceptional Christian-based education that nurtures the academic, spiritual, and personal growth of every student. Our ability to sustain and enhance our educational programs, facilities, and extracurricular activities relies significantly on the generous support of our community.


Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference. There are many ways to contribute, from participating in our fundraisers, sponsoring programs, and direct donations. Your generosity not only supports the operational needs of our school but also invests in the future leaders of our community.

Join us in our mission to provide a nurturing and enriching Christian education. Together, we can ensure that Juniata Christian School continues to be a place where students thrive academically, grow spiritually, and prepare for a successful future. 

Thank you for your support and commitment to excellence in education at Juniata Christian School.

JCS Fundraisers


Helps with School Infrastructure Improvement 

Join the Heritage Brick & Marble fundraiser to leave a lasting legacy at Juniata Christian School by purchasing engraved bricks for our new paved walkway, allowing alumni, students, and families to make their mark and support our school.


Helps with School Operating Costs
Participate in the annual Jog-a-thon at Juniata Christian School! Students will challenge themselves to run, jog, or walk as many laps as possible on our track, with younger kids on a shorter course. It’s a fun, active way to support our school's operations through community generosity. Join the race to make a difference!


Discover the power of gift card fundraising with our scrip program, a leading choice for nonprofits nationwide for over 25 years.  Benefit from unlimited earning potential, year-round fundraising without extra work, and generous contributions from participating brands. Start making a difference today.


Support Juniata Christian School by shopping through our FlipGive campaign, where every purchase earns cash back for our school's essential needs—effortlessly contribute with your everyday shopping!

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