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School Faculty

Teachers & Staff

Our dedicated team of educators and staff members forms the cornerstone of our school, combining a passion for teaching with a commitment to Christian values. Each faculty and staff member plays a crucial role in fostering a nurturing and enriching educational environment. Here, we celebrate the unique skills and shared dedication of our team, who are not just employees but mentors and role models, actively contributing to the academic and spiritual growth of our students. Get to know the individuals who make our school a vibrant and supportive community.

Del Terpenning.jpeg
Pastor of Juniata Baptist Church
11th-12th Grade Bible + Band
Pastor Del Terpenning
Scot Bryan.jpeg
School Administrator
Mr. Scot Bryan


Debbie Crooks.jpeg
K4 Teacher
Mrs. Debbie Crooks
Kara Putman.jpeg
First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Kara Putman
Ellie Wright.webp
Third Grade Teacher
Miss Ellie Wright
Jenn Dunham.webp
Fifth/Sixth Grade Teacher
Mrs. Jenn Dunham
Jill Smith.jpeg
Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Jill Smith
Rebekah Ligden.webp
Second Grade Teacher
Miss Rebecca Highlen
Gary Libka.jpeg
Fourth Grade Teacher
Mr. Gary Libka


Christen Bickel.webp
High School English
+ Junior High Math
Mrs. Christen Bickel
Mrs. Melanie Childs
Jordan Childers.jpeg
Junior High Bible
Mr. Jordan Childers
Rachel Prill.webp
History + Speech + Art
Mrs. Rachel Prill
Heidi Meyer.webp
School Office Secretary
Mrs. Heidi Meyer
vecteezy_young-man-and-woman-silhouette-profile-view-students_14142100 [Converted]-02.jpg
Miss Abi Meyer
Pastor John Flanders
Michelle Bryan.webp
Biology + Chemistry
Mrs. Michelle Bryan
Heidi Childers.webp
Math + Junior High Science
Mrs. Heidi Childers
vecteezy_young-man-and-woman-silhouette-profile-view-students_14142100 [Converted]-02.jpg
Study Hall Supervisor
Miss Emily Crumrine
Machelle Riggs.webp
Elementary + Junior High English
Mrs. Machelle Riggs
Clare Kreger.webp
Personal Finance
+ American Government
Mr. Clare Kreger
vecteezy_young-man-and-woman-silhouette-profile-view-students_14142100 [Converted]-01.jpg
High School Bible
Mr. John Yeomans
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